Vinyl Floor Installation

we offer many types of vinyl flooring to fit any room in your house 

Vinyl vs. Hard Wood

A fraction of the cost of traditional flooring material

MA home with a vinyl floor

About Our Immitation Wood Work

Vinyl floors can be a great option for homeowners looking to revamp their home. Vinyl floors are a popular choice in flooring, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl floors are water resistant and stain resistant which makes them a perfect option for flooring if you have messy children or pets! These versatile floors are also durable and can stand last for many years and thanks to a number of advances over the years, vinyl floors are both an attractive and economical solution for your home’s floors.

The best part? We bring the showroom to you. No longer do you have to guess which flooring will look best in your home. We will bring all the samples directly to your home so you can compare flooring to the rest of your homes décor. Park Avenue Handyman takes care of everything from materials to the install so you can sit back and relax knowing your floors are in the hands of professionals.

Vinyl Flooring Best Practices

  • Clean up any spills immediately
  • When using a vacuum on your vinyl, make sure the bare bar is not showing (this will scratch the floor!)
  • If there is a stain on your vinyl flooring, use a diluted bleach solution and spot treat the individual stains
  • Equip stationary flooring on your vinyl floors with nonstaining flooring protectors
  • Never push or pull furniture across the floor – this will scratch it!
Vinyl Floors

Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Vinyl Floors

Sweeping on a regular basis is essential to keeping a clean home & maintaining your vinyl floors.

Regular removal of product build up is imperative to keeping up your floor’s appearance

Vinyl floors should not be cleaned with any harsh cleaning solutions, as certain chemicals can quickly break down the important top sealant layer.

Water should be used in moderation. If vinyl floors are over saturated, moisture can get into small cracks and corners and into the glue bonding underneath.

Vinyl Floor
Vinyl wall
Vinyl floor
Vinyl Floor in MA house

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