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TV on the Wall to save space in the room

TV Mounting Services by Park Ave Handyman Services

As televisions have become less cumbersome and more versatile, television mounting has become increasingly popular. Hanging the TV on the wall not only save space, opening up a large portion of a room where a large television or entertainment center would usually rest, but they also look nice.

One of the best ways to create more space in your family room is to mount your television to the wall.  Sometimes this can be  probelematic endevor.  You don’t want to harm your wall or the TV itself, all the while runing electrical wires and putting bolt into your wall that must hold a heavy TV.  In addition, you need to keep your TV level, secure, and take the extra step to hide all of the wiring.  This heavy lifting process takes time and effort, that can be saved by using a handyman from Park Ave.


Flat Screens should be mounted

  • Mountng a TV may make it safer from accidental damage

  • It’s easeir to make space by mounting a TV then moving furniture

  • When placing your TV on an entertainment center, you are often left with a jumbled mess of cords hanging down

Mounted Television

TVs are used as the focal point of a room

You get a significant amount of floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a TV stand or media cabinet

The wires can be hidden, making the room less cluttered

This lifts the screen up to where the whole family can easily watch their favorite shows

TV on the wall
TV on brick wall
Clean TV
TV in living room

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